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The thing that makes a great man is the ability to develop and get stronger like a flowing river that absorbs the waters of numerous tributaries and streams.

If a person has seriously chosen his way in cynology, he cannot afford himself a luxury to stay in the world of illusions.

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This website has been created for those who
decided to become an owner of West Highland White
Terrier, as well as for all the holders of our puppies,
as an expression of special gratitude for their love
towards their little charges

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear guests! Dear friends!

We are happy to welcome you at our website. The KOROLEVSKIY BRILLIANT nursery is dedicated to breeding and popularization of the breed unique in beauty, friendliness, good health and wonderful temperament – the WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIERS.

How quickly new events, passions, ideas and concepts come into our lives!

Victory and defeat, success or failure, climbing up or falling down. Could we predict which way our life is about to take. The life could be lived in different manner. How to do it – that is the choice of the person himself, the choice of his environment and of his interests.

Our choice of a West Highland white terrier puppy or a "westie" as they are often tenderly called, was based purely on the beauty and harmonicity of this breed which we first saw in France back in 2000.

So, the choice was made, as they say, "for the soul". Remarkably the moment of the full coincidence of our passions and possibilities, as the future owners, coincided with the same qualities of our dog. However, creating a full concept about the dogs of this breed proved to be a laborious, interesting and necessary task.

As a result, taking a fancy on and admiring this breed we could reach a harmony between our wishes, way of life and the possibilities of our pets.

Only a person who knows nothing about this business can think that creation of a proper line within this breed is a matter less than complicated. In reality it requires knowledge, time and love, uniting efforts and resources (financial, intellectual and professional) of many people to reach a single goal – breeding the best line of West Highland white terrier.

Through the pages of our site we tried to expound our vision and our attitude to this breed. We would be glad if we could give you a possibility to get some new and interesting information concerning the peculiarities of breeding and keeping West Highland white terrier dogs. We would like our site to become another step on your way to join a club of the followers, admirers and friends of this kind of dogs.

Any person who made his choice for a westie starts to think where he can buy a puppy. Hopefully, you will be lucky with us and it will be in our nursery that you'll find the pet you were desperately looking for – your one and only West terrier.

We are confident that the fruitful work of our nursery staff will further contribute to the development of Ukraine's cynology. Good luck to you all! Tatiana and Alexandr Veremiychuk.

Purchasing a puppy            

When a puppy is born he is not free to choose his way. Those who look after him decide everything for the pet. But while the puppy is growing he gets a possibility to influence upon his destiny. A moment comes when the puppy has to make a choice: who is going to be his master. That person will define how he will live further, taking care of his future, peace and safety. It is in human nature to have to care for his little friend. In some way it is an auto-realization of everyone of us that brings us the most positive emotions.

So the moment comes when you are ready to make a step forward to your new purchase. When making your choice you have to analyze carefully your lifestyle and your life priorities: should you have enough time for long walks, regular trimming, weekly classes with your puppy etc. You'll have to decide a number of issues related to puppy's nutrition, his place in your house, veterinary prophylaxis, among other things. All of this does not only bring additional financial expenses, but also takes a lot of your time and forces. All this you will have to pay for a pleasure to possess «a little white treasure». And it is better to realize and accept this before a puppy appears at your house's door.

We regard normally a situation when a child, without realizing the full measure of responsibility for his four-footed friend, begs his parents to get him a puppy. The adults, however, when taking such decision have to weigh all the pros and cons. As they say, we should remember that we become responsible, forever, for what we have tamed.

We are ready to share with you our professional advice and little secrets in the process of choosing a right puppy, his nutrition, care and training. But the most important thing – we can help you to raise a dog just the way you would like to see him. Otherwise, he won't be happy, and neither will you…